Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please Press Pause on Summer

Because of recent life events I am beginning to realize that 100 books in 100 days is somewhat out of reach. June 27th marked 50 days of reading and at the time I had finished 43 books. I am proud of this accomplishment and I'm happy to report that not all of the books read are for the youngest age groups. Here is the breakdown:
  • Ages 0-3: 12 Books
  • Ages 4-7: 15 Books
  • Ages 8-10: 7 Books
  • Ages 11+: 9 Books
Although I am no longer shooting for 100 books in 100 days I am going to continue to update my list of books as I complete more and more and I hope that it is within reason beyond the original August 16th target date that I can report reading all 100 books.

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